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Age requirements : between the ages of 15 and 18

School integration and homestays
Term, semester and school year

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Application deadline : May 1st (at a later date, please contact us).


Whether you study at a high school in the winding streets of Paris, a typical city in an American suburb, or in the serene beauty and rich culture of the Loire Valley, studying abroad is always a true personal challenge as well as a life-changing experience. You will gain a global perspective that will allow you to grasp the realities of life and acquire a true understanding of human relativity. Living abroad will allow you to completely immerse yourself in a new culture, language, and way of life. The interpersonal skills, self-confidence, and experience you will gain through your term, semester or year abroad will make an important impact on your college and career goals.

Eligibility Requirements

- Be extremely motivated as this is a difficult and demanding experience
- Have completed 2 or more years of study of the French language
- Have a grade point average of 3.0 or better
- Have experience living away from home
- Possess a mature, open, flexible attitude, and be ready to give rather than receive.


Host Families

Host families are very carefully selected and may live in any region of the country. They are fully volunteers, warm and caring people who gladly open their home and hearts to our students. Their only hope is to learn more about your culture and to share their family and lifestyle with their new "son" or "daughter". As a member of the family, you will participate in all family activities, including meal- time, and assume the same responsibility as your host sisters and brothers.


You will attend school near your new home and be requested to attend all classes. Upon arrival, you will be helped and oriented by your Terre des Langues coordinator and/or a school counselor to choose the different subjects you will want to take. Some will be compulsory, some others will be your choice. Within the school, you will be expected to strictly follow the school rules, to do your homework, and to be a successful student. The first month will be the hardest because of the language. You should however never hesitate to ask for help to your teachers or the host family in any field. Your success at school is a crucial part in the success of your experience.

Students going to France at the beginning of September will need to attend a two days orientation meeting upon arrival before meeting their host family. Support Network

All students in France have a Terre des Langues representative in their host community, as well as a national office. Upon arrival, a two days orientation meeting is arranged by our French team.

Program cost includes (it doesn't include international travel)

- placement with a carefully selected host family * orientation upon arrival in the country * all school costs including books (to be returned to the school at the end of the stay) and potentials school meals, * medical, liability, and emergency return insurance

- Terre des langues support network in France

It doesn’t include eventual visa fees, medical insurance for students living outside the European community (Terre des Langues can provide this insurance at a cost of 15€ per week), international transportation and ground transportation while in France.

Official documents and visas

Students living in the European community need a valid passport or ID card and bring their European medical certificate with them. No visa is required, whatever the length of stay.

Students outside the European community and living in a country where the visa exemption program can be applied will not need a visa for less than 88 days stays (USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New-Zealand… ). For more than 88 days stays, Terre des Langues will provide all the necessary documents to obtain the visa.

Program cost
Type of program Code Price
2 months starting anytime F2M1 3120 €
3 months anytime F3M 4500 €
4 months starting anytime F4M 5280 €
5 months starting anytime F4M1 6050 €
6 months starting anytime F4M2 6830 €
4 weeks anytime during the school year F5WS 2015 €
6 weeks anytime during the school year F6WS 2470 €
Academic year program FAY 9870 €
Academic year program + 4 weeks of language class in Tours in August FAYT4 11960 €
Type of program Code Price
Boarding school - school year FAI 9870 €
Boarding school semester FSI 6650 €
Boarding school Term FTI 4550 €