This Land is your Land... This Land is my Land...

Share the world with a French teenager !

Hosting a teenager from another country can be a wonderful and truly enriching family experience for both parents and children. Not only does it bring a foreign country at home, but it allows to develop friendship with a foreign student… and his parents in a very special way. We are proud to say that, by doing so, our host families help us shrink the boundaries of the world, which is our ultimate goal.

Our French students are eager to experience your daily life, to build special ties with their new friends, and of course to develop their skills in English. The hospitality that our host families offer provide them with an invaluable gift - the opportunity to experience your country’s way of life from the family perspective.

Terre des Langues students come for 3 or 4 weeks in the summer, for two or three weeks during the school year, or for the full Academic year or Semester.

They are extremely well prepared and :
- have studied English for at least two years
- are expected to pay their way for outings
- are prepared to help with occasional household tasks
- are equipped with a Handbook and attend an orientation meeting to prepare them for their experience
- have medical and emergency return insurance
- are chaperoned by teachers from their own country for all programs outside the Academic year or Semester.

If your family is open-minded and welcoming, has an interest in learning about other cultures, are eager to include the student in your family life and routines, then please :

    Fill out the form to request
    a host family application