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Why choose Terre des langues

Terre des Langues is a very unique international team composed of people who have been working together for a long time. Many of them are teachers.

Our credo: If you want to master a language you must take it out of the classroom into real life. That’s why the quality of the exchange between the student and his host family is so important, and this is our foremost preoccupation.

Terre des Langues is also :

- A wide choice of experiences with consistent contents, allowing everyone, from the beginner to the most advanced, to choose according to his competence, his linguistic objectives or his personal aspirations.

- When the experience includes language classes, our partners offer top language learning methods and outstanding teachers.

- When the experience requires a school integration and whatever the length, our partner schools offer close counselling to our foreign students. Most of them are private schools.

- All along his experience, each student is in contact with his Terre des Langues local coordinator, who has chosen the host family and is familiar with the school administration.

- Upon arrival in Paris, a personal welcome at the airport securing the student’s train or flight connection.

- Upon arrival at the final destination, a personal welcome of both the host family and the local coordinator.

The national office of Terre des Langues is situated in Tours, in the Loire Valley. The head of our foreign students department is in permanent contact, both with our local coordinator in France and the foreign office where the student applied.

Learn a language, live a language,
We wish you a wonderful experience,

Pascal Le Vigoureux, President.